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Yazoo Brewing Company
We used the Bottoms Up system for the first time for a high volume event and were pleasantly surprised at the lack of beer lines for the duration of the event. This lack of beer lines created an environment that significantly increased our revenue per person.

Neil McCormick - Sales and Marketing Manager, Yazoo Brewing Company

"We used the Bottoms Up beer dispenser at Coca-Cola Field, home of the Buffalo Bisons, for the first time this year. What a great system! I have a sign on the kiosk that reads, 'The fastest draft you'll ever get.' And though that is undoubtedly true, it's not even half the story on why Bottoms Up was so wildly popular this season! People loved to watch the system work, and would bring their friends back to see it pour. The system sold the beer for me! And, there's almost no waste - the keg yield is at least 95%. I can't wait to add more units next year."

Rob Free - Director, Foodservice Operations, Buffalo Bisons Baseball

"During the 2011 baseball season, using standard beer taps at Hawks Memorial Stadium in Boise, Idaho we sold 19,160 draught beers in 38 games. This year after installing the Bottoms Up Draught Beer Dispensing System our sales for 38 games have increased to 27,237; an increase of 8,077 draught beers. In 2011 we averaged 80 servings per keg and in 2012 with Bottoms Up we have jumped to 120. We no longer have beer lines and our customers couldn't be happier. I recommend Bottoms Up for everyone, it's a no brainer. No lines, less payroll, and more money in the bank."

Geno George - Director of Food Services, Home Plate Food Services, Boise Hawks (MiLB)
2012 Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego Chargers)
"After utilizing Bottoms Up Dispensers on several carts these past two seasons within Qualcomm Stadium, converting an entire permanent location to Bottoms Up Dispensers for this 2012 Chargers season was an easy decision. After the first two pre-season games, we are already receiving the benefits of much quicker transactions as well as greater yields from every keg dispensed resulting in increased gross sales. We have also begun to see our employees actually debate among themselves as to who gets to work the New Bottoms Up Section because it's become the fun section to work."

Brad Johnson - Centerplate - Concessions Manager, Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego Chargers)
Columbus Clippers
Bottoms Up generates buzz and excitement from fans while also increasing speed of service. In addition, it reduces labor by increasing an individual's productivity and reduces waste. Bottoms Up allowed us to break a sales record with one employee that was set by two employees using standard faucets. This individual was able to sell almost 450 beers in a 4 hour window due to Bottoms Up.

Todd Homon - General Manager Sodexo Sports & Leisure
Saratoga Casino And Raceway
I wanted to give you and your company kudos for such a unique and efficient product, and for excellent support to back it up. Since we started the process of looking into the Bottoms Up Draft System, you and your team have been knowledgeable, flexible, and easy to work with. From the customer service benefit to the cost-effectiveness of this draft system, the investment has been more than worth our time and money. Between the increase in sales and savings in waste, the draft system is paying for itself even quicker than we had anticipated. Once again, THANK YOU for an excellent product and your support during this process. I'm confident in the Bottoms Up Draft System, and I know the installation of the system into our property will increase business for both of our companies, including our bottom line!

Seth Berger - Food & Beverage Director
Williams Entertainment - Florida Auto Exchange Stadium
"We saw Bottoms Up at the 2011 Baseball Winter Meetings and have been using it ever since. It is lightning fast, doesn't waste beer, and our customers love it! I'm telling you it operates smoother than a baby's bottom. I would bet that our Bottoms Up Dispenser combined with a smart cash register triples the beer sold by a traditional draft tower and cash register. For the 2014 season I am converting all of the draft in Florida Auto Exchange Stadium to Bottoms Up."

Russ Williams - President, Williams Entertainment
The Ford Center
"Bottoms Up has absolutely reduced our cost of goods sold thanks to its outstanding keg yield. In addition, the automated pouring allowed servers to multitask rather than focusing all their attention on pouring, which reduced transaction time. These two factors drastically improve the profit margin of the Bottoms Up point of sale (compared to the mirrored POS using traditional draft). During an event of around 800-900 people we mirrored the Bottoms Up unit with one of our traditional systems to compare beer sales. The Bottoms Up unit sold 413 cups for sales of $2478 while our traditional system sold 180 cups for sales of $1080. I look forward to converting our entire venue to Bottoms Up!."

Bernie Bilenki - Director of Food and Beverage, Ford Center/Venuworks
Cocopah Casino
"It's very quick! During that concert we had a few thousand people there and there was a long line, but it moved so fast nobody really had to stand in the line. You just went along, grabbed your beer and went on your merry way. We did somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 beers in five hours. We were cranking them out."

Jerry Lane - General Manager
The Zone
Our biggest problem in the past was not being able to pour beer fast enough. After switching to Bottoms Up our only issue now, is not being able to take the cash fast enough! Bottoms Up changed our entire operation from the standpoint of not only sales, but also service. Instead of having 10-15 people pour beer and complete transactions, we now have one person pour beer and 6-8 people taking money. This has lowered our labor cost, drastically increased throughput, and reduced waiting in line by 25%. Another positive that we didn't expect were the magnets and how many people talked about them even months later. We used the magnets as a marketing tool for our restaurants and saw a large amount of people use the promotions."

Jeremy Anderson - Director of Operations/Executive Chef, Consolidated Restaurants, Inc.
Ovations Food Services
Every once in a while a new technology comes along that blows you away; Bottoms Up does just that. After you get past the amazement of how it works, you will reap the benefits it has to offer. Whether it be the hands free aspect that allows you to multitask, having a beer poured perfectly at lightning fast speeds, removing operator error or eliminating waste; do your business and your bottom line a favor, check out the Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser."

Thomas Anastasia - Regional Vice President, Ovations Food Services