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Bottoms Up Draft Beer Cups® are specially designed to work with our Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensers®. The cups are made from PET plastic, food-grade materials that are all made in the USA. Each cup has a hole in the bottom to allow for filling and each hole is sealed with one of our 1.75" diameter, FDA approved rubber magnets (don't worry, the cups come with magnets in place and ready to serve). The magnets allow for endless branding and promotional options. The standard lead time for custom graphics on the magnet is four weeks from the approval of graphics and purchase order to delivery.


When it comes to printing these magnets, GrinOn stocks certain graphics for the masses and for our customers when they commit to ordering them in the short-term. Often, we print custom graphics for customers looking to advertise their own logos or promotions on the magnets for their customers to see and keep. Magnets attract great advertising opportunities from our customers. Here are a few we thought were dynamite!

How to submit graphics to GrinOn representatives: GrinOn asks for a proof and a vector based file at minimum. Templates for creating the artwork as a PDF and vector based file are available.

Price Methodology

GrinOn's business model is simple: help you sell more beer. You make more money, faster, and we get to sell cups. Everybody wins! However, we learned quickly that we had to overcome the largest assumption we heard from each of our customers: ‘Doesn’t the cup cost a lot more than a regular cup?’ The truth is the cup does cost more, but not more than the cost of beer being wasted by traditional draft systems. Retailers need to make an incremental profit on each serving before selling additional servings. That message was heard loud and clear, and we’re happy to help. To prove it here is a simple calculator that will allow you to enter your current sales data and allow you to see how much more you could be making.


Please contact us direct for pricing.

Recently Updated

Recessed bottom keeps the hole at the bottom of the cup away from the pinky-finger, avoiding handling mishaps.

The recessed bottoms also make it easier and faster to put on the nozzle for filling.

Stronger, rigid metal ring! Resulting in a stronger magnetic seal.

Sturdier plastic cup feels like quality, and a premium offering to the consumer.


Still don't believe us? Here's what a few customers of ours have to say:

"During the 2011 baseball season, using standard beer taps at Hawks Memorial Stadium in Boise, Idaho we sold 19,160 draught beers in 38 games. This year after installing the Bottoms Up Draught Beer Dispensing System our sales for 38 games have increased to 27,237; an increase of 8,077 draught beers. In 2011 we averaged 80 servings per keg and in 2012 with Bottoms Up we have jumped to 120. We no longer have beer lines and our customers couldn't be happier. I recommend Bottoms Up for everyone, it's a no brainer. No lines, less payroll, and more money in the bank."

Geno George - Director of Food Services, Home Plate Food Services, Boise Hawks (MiLB)
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