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The best practice in mobile draft beer dispensing: The Bottoms Up Jockey Box™, or "Tommy Box" as we like to call it, is faster than any other jockey box on the planet. The increase of both serving capability and efficiency makes it a favorite for festivals and outdoor events. The Bottoms Up Jockey Box gives you the mobility you need with the outstanding performance of the Bottoms Up System™.

Product Details & Specifications

The Bottoms Up Jockey Box features a 100' stainless steel cooling coil that is 3/8" ID on each of the two beer lines. It arrives ready to use with everything you need to start pouring (CO2 tank not included).

Recommended UP-grades!

(Part: JB1000)

Turnkey Draft Series Upgrade

  • Four keg taps, C02 regulator, gauge guard, and all air lines and fittings.

Nozzle LED Lights

  • Creates a beacon like effect.

Battery Pack

  • Operate without the need for an outlet.

*Tap handles not included