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Our Portable Long Draw is the only one of its kind and has revolutionized beer service for large crowds, outdoor events, and festivals. A 25 foot trunk line allows flexibility in placing points of sale. The built-in power pack means all you need is cold storage for your kegs (keg room, draft trailer, refrigerated semi, ice bath, etc.). We have outfitted this monster with heavy duty rubber tires and handles for easy, wheelbarrow style movement.

Want to maximize the transactions you can complete every shift and satisfy
your customers with shorter lines? Utilize this table as the backbone of

Product Details:

  • 6' x 2' stainless steel draft table
  • BU4 or BU8 option available
  • Tap Display included
  • Vinservice Super Flat glycol power pack
  • 25 foot trunk line
  • Three keg series on each beer line
  • 5 Gallon drain bucket
  • Trunk Line Port included