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The Bottoms Up Empty Keg Detector™ or EKD detects when a keg is empty, stops the flow of beer, and notifies the operator that the keg is empty. The operator can have the keg changed and service can resume immediately. This early detection prevents the lines from filling with foam, saving time and money. The reduction of downtime maximizes the profit potential of draft beer. When the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System's is coupled with an EKD an operational efficiency is achieved that the draft beer world has never seen!

The benefits of the EKD are emphasized when used on a long draw system (the kegs are located in different locations and feed via long hoses). When a keg is empty and CO2/foam are able to draw into the lines it can be very costly (wasted beer) and time consuming to resume service. The EKD stops the flow of beer at the dispenser preventing these problems and eliminating the losses.

  • Increase output & bottom line profits
  • Decrease the downtime changing kegs
  • Faster service, resulting in better customer experience
  • Increase draft beer yield on longdraw systems
  • LED notification makes it easy to understand