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The Bottoms Up Cooling Kit™ is like a miniature glycol power pack. Our cooling kits circulate glycol to the valve bodies of the dispenser to keep them cold while the dispenser is not in use. It is done by utilizing a reservoir tank of glycol that is chilled by the temperature in the cooler and a 24v pump that circulates the glycol. This is important because cold valve bodies dispense cold beer! Not only is cold beer more enjoyable but keeping beer cold all the way to the point of dispensing is vital in preventing foam.

IMPORTANT: Cooling kits are mandatory on all short-draw installations. Warranty will be voided if one is not used.

Cooling Kit Contents

  • Reservoir Tank (A)
  • Black Vinyl Tap
  • Reservoir Tank Mounting bracket
  • Cooling Pump (B)
  • Pre-mixed Glycol Solution
  • Hose Clamps
  • Loop Clamps
  • 1/4" Drive Sheet Metal Screws
  • Radiator (C)
  • Cable Ties


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