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Our Newest Customer, Encore Bar & Grill

Our newest customer has installed their new Bottoms Up System and is loving it.  Encore Bar & Grill in Huntsville, Alabama is proudly advertising their new system.  They have even taken the time to email us regarding their love of the system… “…Thanks Nick.  I actually tried it last night and I have to admit... Read more »

We now offer ready-to-use dispensers to the home user!

The moment you have all been waiting for is finally here.  The ultimate draft beer dispenser/system for home use has arrived.  We now have two turnkey units that are available to the home user market.  Confused by turnkey????  I mean plug and play, ready for use, good to go, and LET’S PARTY!  The first unit... Read more &ra

Brad’s Brass Flamingo joins the Century Club!

This week the gentlemen’s club Brad’s Brass Flamingo in our home town of Indianapolis joined the Century Club.  For those of you who don’t know, the Century Club is for establishments that pour 100% of their draft beer using Bottoms Up.  Not only have they joined the elite ranks of the Century Club but they... Read more »

Budweiser Rocks Indianapolis! #MadeInAmerica @BottomsUpBeer

The Budweiser Made In America Tour just came blasting through Indianapolis and the party was incredible.  They knew how to bring the energy because they booked two of the biggest names in the mashup game;  Milkman and The White Panda.  Attendance was simple because all you had to do was register online and the ticket... Rea

The Ultimate Tailgater!

LONG TIME NO POST!!! My apologies to our readers as it has been a couple of weeks since my last post.  Things are busy here at GrinOn but as usual they are still fantastic.  Today we are posting yet another home unit build for you.  This one is going to be popular with out tailgating... Read more »

Kelso’s Wall Beer

  I am especially proud to be documenting this home unit build.  This home unit was assembled by a friend of the company known as Kelso.  When he was planning how exactly to assemble his kit, he had a dilemma; he couldn’t decide if he wanted his beer dispenser in the kitchen or in the... Read more »

Pacers Demand 40 New Bottoms Up Units For Playoffs

Great news! Here at Bottoms Up got a call last Sunday from the concessions GM at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, asking if we could install 8 BU2s on portable carts AND push up the already scheduled install of 12 BU2s (on their busiest point of sale) in order to get it done before last Sunday’s game... Read more »

The importance of line cleaning

Draft beer systems with Bottoms Up Dispensers need to be cleaned regularly just like any other.  Cleaning the dispenser, beer line, and keg coupler is extremely important.  If it is not done, bacteria, yeast, mold and beer stone will build up and quickly degrade the quality of the beer dispensed.  Lack of cleaning will also... Read more »

Learn how to pour the perfect draft beer…

After seeing multiple videos online that explain how to pour a perfect draft beer we decided to make our own.  I think ours is a little easier.

The secrets of the beer dispensing chair!

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen!  On this post I have a real treat for you.  I will be giving the details of the famous beer dispensing chair. This build was done by one of our beta users and that user has submitted a ton of photos of the process.  This is one of our current... Read more »