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2013 Magnet Facts

  (click image to enlarge) Greetings all! 2013 was a huge year here at GrinOn Industries.  I am going to skip the fluff and get right to the facts.  In 2013, we sold 4,804,406 cups!  You read that correctly, 4.8 million cups!  Obviously, that means our system was used to serve 4,804,406 servings of beer... Read more »

Bottoms Up at the BWM! #wintermeetings

  The Bottoms up Sales team is out in force this week at the Baseball Winter Meetings.  We have had a huge influx of people coming by saying they were told by their peers to come check out our system for their stadium.  Great response from people who are eager to increase beer sales, decrease... Read more »

We are pouring in our new 32oz cups!

Watch in awe of the raw 32oz-beer-pouring talent of this incredibly handsome man.

Deliver Quality Beer While Minimizing Waste

  This article was written by Brian Warrener and posted recently on  Great tips on minimizing waste/costs in your bar.  Couldn’t help but notice that a certain bottom filling beer system would help solve many of the issues that he touches on. Deliver Quality Beer While Minimizing Waste “People love beer and we sell... Rea

OU Tailgate Champion

Prepare yourself……  You are about to experience the ultimate tailgating apparatus.  A die hard OU alumni and tailgating champion recently saw our dispenser and knew that it was what he needed to take his game to the next level.  The result is a self-contained, mobile beer dispensing beast!  It is built on a modified mobility... Read more »

Bottoms Up featured on Man Caves!

Great news ya’ll! Once again we will be a featured product on the hit TV show Man Caves!  Tune in tonight, 9/27 at 9 PM e/p on the DIY network to see the exciting new build!  It is a fun episode and we hope that it inspires lots of new creativity from our customers. Thanks... Read more »

NBWA Convention & Trade Show 2013, Caesars Palace!

It is that time of year again!  The National Beer Wholesalers Association Convention & Trade Show is just days away.  The convention this year is at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas  from September 29 – October 2.  This convention creates a fantastic opportunity for the industry members to gather and discuss the future of the beer... Read

Yats customers caught in the act!

The Bottoms Up crew cruised over to the Traders Point Yats yesterday for dinner.  As we were walking in we saw a large table of customers that had been drinking with their dinner.  They had a pretty nice collection of magnets and even won a Yats t shirt because they received a certain magnet (that... Read more »

Staying Cool With The Kegster!

Here at Bottoms Up we love new products in the beer industry.  We recently found out that the producers of the newest “must have” keg accessory are located right here in Indy!  We jumped at the chance to contact them, try out the Kegster, and shoot the breeze about the hardships of the draft beer... Read more »

10 Ways To Cut Loss and Increase Revenue in Your Bar

Greetings and happy Friday Bottoms Up Readers!  I found this article posted on and I wanted to share it.  Great information here on increasing beverage revenue and cutting loss.  I also rather enjoyed the fact that Bottoms Up could help more than half of the points that are made here. Increased keg yield =... Read more