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How to clean the NSF-certified Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser

When we think of cleaning a beer dispenser, we think of two types of cleaning:
1. the daily cleaning
2. the cleaning of the beer lines

First, the daily cleaning of the Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser:

Here’s a great YouTube video of it

Prepare your [industry standard] non-chlorine sanitation fluid if it is not already prepared.
Remove all of the nozzles by turning the nut counterclockwise.
Rinse each nozzle in a non-chlorine sanitation fluid in the up and down position. These will need to air dry.
*Do not soak the nozzles*
Pour sanitation fluid on the drip tray and drain pan to rinse the components.
Wipe down the entire dispensing unit starting from the furthest part of the sheet metal out, and working in, wiping both sides of the drip tray.
Wait for all sanitation fluid to drain, and empty the waste bucket if there is one.

You can print instructions out with this, which has wonderful pictures in color:
Dispenser cleaning_Start Up_Break Down_Programing

Moving on to line cleaning instructions
Line Cleaning Instructions

Here’s a video on cleaning the beer lines:

Frequency of cleaning:
A Bottoms Up Dispenser should be wiped down, including underneath the dispenser, after
each day’s use. It should be thoroughly cleaned, on the same schedule as beer line cleaning
(every two weeks).
The O-rings and diaphragm of a Bottoms Up Dispenser need to be replaced once a year. The
O-rings that should be replaced are the nozzle post O-ring, plunger head O-ring, and both
slider O-rings. O-rings are available through Customer Service [CS[at]] or online here.

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