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Bottoms Up @ Bogart’s in Cincinnati

Bogart's is a live music venue with rich history in Cincinnati that just added Bottoms Up

Just wanted to let you know that last night was the unveiling of the Cinci Craft on Draft Bar at Bogarts. Bogarts is a 1500 cap Rock Club in Cincinnati. It’s been graced by all the legends over the years such as BB King, U2, R.E.M. The list goes on. See below for a great… Read more »

Beautiful new home unit install!

  We are back and we have another home user install to show you.  This is probably one of the cleanest home unit installs we have seen yet; the cooling kit and line insulation look like they were done by one of our techs!   This customer used the Home Unit Kit 1.0 along with… Read more »

Yats customers caught in the act!

The Bottoms Up crew cruised over to the Traders Point Yats yesterday for dinner.  As we were walking in we saw a large table of customers that had been drinking with their dinner.  They had a pretty nice collection of magnets and even won a Yats t shirt because they received a certain magnet (that… Read more »

Staying Cool With The Kegster!

Here at Bottoms Up we love new products in the beer industry.  We recently found out that the producers of the newest “must have” keg accessory are located right here in Indy!  We jumped at the chance to contact them, try out the Kegster, and shoot the breeze about the hardships of the draft beer… Read more »

Our Newest Customer, Encore Bar & Grill

Our newest customer has installed their new Bottoms Up System and is loving it.  Encore Bar & Grill in Huntsville, Alabama is proudly advertising their new system.  They have even taken the time to email us regarding their love of the system… “…Thanks Nick.  I actually tried it last night and I have to admit… Read more »