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Bottoms Up @ Bogart’s in Cincinnati

Just wanted to let you know that last night was the unveiling of the Cinci Craft on Draft Bar at Bogarts. Bogarts is a 1500 cap Rock Club in Cincinnati. It’s been graced by all the legends over the years such as BB King, U2, R.E.M. The list goes on. See below for a great article with more info about the history of Bogart’s.

Bogart's is a live music venue with rich history in Cincinnati that just added Bottoms Up

Bogart’s is a live music venue with rich history in Cincinnati with a beautiful bar filling beers through the bottom of glasses at warp speed with Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System

The new bar inside featuring 8 Bottoms Up taps was the highlight of the night with the bar rocking all night long. This brand new bar serving only beer with one bartender had an excellent opening. The model dispensers are the BU4-IC-LD, which is the in-counter, flush mounted long draw dispenser serving four beers on tap.

Cheers to Bogart’s and Bottoms Up!!!!! BOOM 💥💥💥

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