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Bottoms Up @ Bogart’s in Cincinnati

Just wanted to let you know that last night was the unveiling of the Cinci Craft on Draft Bar at Bogarts. Bogarts is a 1500 cap Rock Club in Cincinnati. It’s been graced by all the legends over the years such as BB King, U2, R.E.M. The list goes on. See below for a great... Read more »

That’s a kegerator wrap

A nice little showcase of wrapping keg coolers people have done to increase their brand visibility on keg cooler carts and kiosks.

Bottoms Up Beer Gifs

If you want to write about us, well, we like that! Here’s some fun things for you to use and make life a little easier. Please share your article, blog post, or whatever you publish with us!

There is a Taco Bell that serves beer – in Vegas – with Bottoms Up!

Taco Bell on the Las Vegas Strip now serves beer with Bottoms Up! Here are some pictures and video to check out!

How Does Bottoms Up Work

How to clean the NSF-certified Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser

When we think of cleaning a beer dispenser, we think of two types of cleaning: 1. the daily cleaning 2. the cleaning of the beer lines First, the daily cleaning of the Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser: Here’s a great YouTube video of it Prepare your [industry standard] non-chlorine sanitation fluid if it is not already... Read mor

Bottoms Up Glassware

It’s really beautiful. It drinks very well on your lip. It feels high-quality in your hand. It’s customize-able if that’s your thing. Oh, and it fills from the bottom! and if you can understand German, or just love watching some delicious Hachenburger beers filled through the bottom:

Programming a Size with Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser is easy

A common question is “how do I set how much beer should go in the cup, glass, or pitcher?” Great question because we offer a wide variety of vessels…including five sizes of disposable cups, a Tritan(R) hard plastic pint glass, an American glass pint glass, pitchers and tubes in various sizes. Each Bottoms Up dispensing... Read More...-->

Saving beer means saving water, LOTS OF WATER

Here’s a great article and video with interviews regarding the amount of water saved by dispensing draft beer with Bottoms Up rather than the old way… Special thanks to Mike Mohr, owner of Gronks Grill & Bar in Superior, Wisconsin for taking the time to field questions from the news.

Bottoms Up Pitchers work amazingly well! oh, and HANDS-FREE too!

This is what our most popular Bottoms Up Pitcher looks like. We offer more than one size, but this is by far the most popular. There are many pitchers like it, but this one is ours 🙂