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"During the 2011 baseball season, using standard beer taps at Hawks Memorial Stadium in Boise, Idaho we sold 19,160 draught beers in 38 games. This year after installing the Bottoms Up Draught Beer Dispensing System our sales for 38 games have increased to 27,237; an increase of 8,077 draught beers. In 2011 we averaged 80 servings per keg and in 2012 with Bottoms Up we have jumped to 120. We no longer have beer lines and our customers couldn't be happier. I recommend Bottoms Up for everyone, it's a no brainer. No lines, less payroll, and more money in the bank."
Geno George
Director of Food Services, Home Plate Food Services, Boise Hawks (MiLB)

Sports and Entertainment

Bottoms Up is proud to call hundreds of sports and entertainment properties in over 23 countries customers and partners in bringing a valued experience to their patrons. Bottoms Up is being utilized by many of the most recognized sporting leagues and locations on the planet including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, UFC, amphitheaters, resorts, and assorted motorsports & gaming. Additionally, we were proud to take part in some of the most prestigious games/events in sports such as the World Series, Superbowl, NBA Championship, and the LA Marathon.

Your fans will rave about Bottoms Up. Not only does it give them a freshly dispensed beer with a souvenir magnet at the bottom of their cup but it also enables them to get back to their seat faster without missing any of the action. Faster transaction times and shorter lines are proven to increase revenue while improving the fan experience.

Venue operators love Bottoms Up. A Bottoms Up Dispenser on any commercial kegerator (or even a Bottoms Up Jockey Box) creates a mobile powerhouse of sales. The system provides greater profits by drastically reducing waste, serving more patrons faster, and even allowing operators to sell the advertising real estate on the magnet. The system passes all of Anheuser-Busch InBev’s stringent taste tests and operates at brewer recommend pressures, which is important because it maintains the quality and integrity of the beer.

The GrinOn Industries business model is simple: help you sell more beer so we can sell cups. If our customers aren’t selling beer then we aren’t selling cups. We are in this together. We pride ourselves on supplying a dependable product to maximize your sales, and ours. We go to great lengths to provide extensive customer service to keep our customers happy and operating at optimum efficiency.

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