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"We used the Bottoms Up beer dispenser at Coca-Cola Field, home of the Buffalo Bisons, for the first time this year. What a great system! I have a sign on the kiosk that reads, 'The fastest draft you'll ever get.' And though that is undoubtedly true, it's not even half the story on why Bottoms Up was so wildly popular this season! People loved to watch the system work, and would bring their friends back to see it pour. The system sold the beer for me! And, there's almost no waste - the keg yield is at least 95%. I can't wait to add more units next year."
Rob Free
Director, Foodservice Operations, Buffalo Bisons Baseball

Bars & Restaurants

Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensers® have poured into the bar and restaurant industry. In the competitive bar and restaurant market, smart retailers set themselves apart from their competition with points of difference. The cutting-edge draft beer equipment and thrill of watching Bottoms Up fill are winning repeat customers across the nation.

With the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispenser® you will waste less beer. As you know, decreasing waste means increasing profit. Hands-free filling eliminates the spilling/foam caused by the bad pours that are typical of standard draft. Customers report the average keg yield is at least 25% higher! That is 25% more servings you can sell, on every keg. If you average 40 kegs per week, you will see an additional 10 kegs worth of servings you can sell by simply reducing waste.

Advertising on the magnets of Bottoms Up Cups® offers endless opportunities. Bottoms Up customers have increased their profits by expanding their branding, co-sponsoring magnets with local partners, and even utilizing the magnets as coupons. Some customers have even gotten cups free by selling the advertising space. Imagine every magnet as a puzzle piece to a billboard that each customer can take home to put on their refrigerator. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity!

You can help your staff increase their tips with the Bottoms Up Draft Beer System®. Spending less time pouring beer means wait staff can put more effort towards helping the customer. Filling beer at warp speed means the customer gets their beverage faster. Hands-free draft beer means operators can let up to four beers fill while their attention is free to help additional customers, start food orders, and interact with customers to prevent over-serving.

The GrinOn business model is simple: help you sell more beer so we can sell cups. If our customers aren’t selling beer then we aren’t selling cups. We are in this together. We pride ourselves on supplying a dependable product to maximize your sales, and ours. We go to great lengths to provide extensive customer service to keep our customers happy and operating at optimum efficiency.

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